Fire Protection Works and Upgrades

Explore some of our Fire Protection Works and Upgrades Projects

We ensure the highest quality and care in our fire protection works and upgrades

The Infinity Building

BHA successfully completed extensive Upgrade Works to The Infinity Building in Smithfield, Dublin

The project encompassed a range of tasks, including fire seal and encasement works, along with replacing dampers in the existing risers.

Additionally, fire seal installations were conducted on compartment walls across all 6 floors, and Fire Doors were upgraded. BHA also addressed existing fire alarm issues and performed necessary upgrade works to achieve compliance.

To accomplish these tasks, it was essential to open up existing walls and ceilings, which were then meticulously restored. Throughout the process, utmost care was taken to minimise disruptions to the operational offices, which remained in use while the renovation was underway.

Olympia Theatre

The protected structure is one of Dublin’s oldest venues for music and entertainment

BHA took on the task of the replacement of the Fire Alarm and Emergency exits , which involved strategic planning for the routes for the new services to ensure the least amount of disturbance on the existing building fabric and finishes. Making good to areas disturbed involved replacing with like for like material to match the existing finishes and re-decorating areas to match with the existing.

The venue remained live for the duration of the project and care was taken to work with the Clients to ensure that at the end of each shift the premises could be fully operational.

Project Managers - Mitchell McDermott

City East Retail Park

Large Retail Park based in Co. Limerick

BHA completed the Fire Upgrade Works to all retail units at City East Retail Park

The works were carried out in two phases with Phase 1 addressing all cavity barrier works and Phase 2 addressing encasement and fire seal works on all compartment walls between the Units.

All works were completed with as little disruption as possible to all Retail Units as they remained live for trading while the works were being carried out.

Citywest Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre in Dublin

BHA completed Fire Upgrade Works at Citywest Shopping Centre.

The works consist of replacing the existing Fire Doors throughout the shopping centre and to all office from Block A to H. Fireseal and encasement works and associated builders works are progressing in Landlord and Tenanted areas. Mechanical and Electrical works are also being upgraded as required by the Client Team.

All works are being completed with as little disruption as possible to all shop units as they remain live for trading while the works are being carried out.

Architect and Designer - The Building Consultancy Group

Cedar Portfolio Projects

75 St. Stephens Green The Watermarque Building 72 Charlemont Street

BHA completed Fire Upgrade Works on the above projects.

The works consisted of fire seal, structural steel encasement works and damper and duct replacement works to existing basement car parks, risers and fire seal to compartment walls throughout the building.

Existing walls and ceiling had to be opened up and made good to complete these works fir seal works. Replacement of existing with new fire doors. Removal of existing soffit insulations to basement and installation of new. Construction of fire rated bin store areas with Duct ventilation. Mechanical and Electrical upgrade works.

All works are being completed with as little disruption as possible to the building as they remain live while the works are being carried out.